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Shape Fold Animals Origami

Brain Games

Bring the Origami ’s animals to life!Bored of plain old jigsaws? Shape Fold Animals is the new puzzle game with a twist! Literally!A mixture of Origami and jigsaws, this is a game that will really put your brain to the test. Like a traditional jigsaw, you’ll be given several pieces which you’ll have to put together in the right places in order to form the correct animal shape. However, there is a catch! Each piece is connected to one or more other pieces by a hinge and you’ll have to twist and fold them into the template in the correct sequence in order to make them fit.Sound easy? Think again! You’ll need to put your mind to the test and use all of your cognitive skills to complete some of the more complicated shapes. FEATURES• Free Origami game• Drag and drop the paper sheets into the right positions!• Complete the animal forms by twisting and folding the shapes in the correct sequence!• Use all the tricks you can muster to beat this challenging brain game!• Playable offline• Games for kidsShape Fold Animals is a 2D casual offline game that you can play to chill out, or to exercise your brain between school classes or on your way to work. Just drag the shapes around the screen – no quick reflexes or speedy fingers required!With its shapes and colors, Shape Fold Animals is great Origami game for kids. It’ll help them to develop their cognitive and problem solving skills, but it’ll also help them learn to recognize shapes or colors. Don’t worry though; it’s just as much fun for us adults!So how many animal shapes can you build? Download this Origami game today and let’s fold and twist our way through the different levels!